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Bridget Marks won an unprecedented victory when a unanimous decision by the NY Appellate Court returned her twin daughters to her after a vicious and public custody battle. She was successful in this battle because of the support and help she received from friends, family and the American Free Press.

A novelist and full-time mother, Bridget was unaware of the silent crisis affecting our nation’s mothers until she was personally thrown into a nightmarish Kafkaesque odyssey to regain custody of her children, who had been ripped from the only home they'd ever known by the injustice and ignorance of the New York Family Court system.

After receiving hundreds of phone calls from mothers in similar and even worse situations, Bridget realized the great need for legal and financial resources for needy mothers to wage the battles necessary to keep or regain custody of their children.

The purpose of the MJA Foundation is to help women who might not have access to the same support Bridget had.

Contact Bridget at contact@mjafoundation.com or write her at:

Bridget Marks
Mothers for Judicial Accountability Foundation
211 E. 70th St. Suite 23B
New York, NY 10021